Alloy cable products available for single and dual heavy duty applications.

The “TA” Alloy Radial Chain series(TA1900 Series for singles and TA3900 Series for duals) is a familiar looking product with a few unique new features.

  • Our “traction coil” cross members have always been the best performing and most durable cable-style cross members on the road, but Alloy Radial Chain’s traction coils are made from manganese alloy steel for even greater durability.
  • Alloy Radial Chain uses a link-style fastening system with an “over-center” outside latch for easier installation and re-adjustment.
  • The cross member eyelets (where the cross member attaches to the side cables) are a new, even stronger design than previous Peerless Industrial Group, Inc. products for trucks and buses.
  • They allow for easy replacement of worn cross members without special tools. They also allow the chain to be shortened.
  • These cables are legal to use in every state where winter traction products are allowed.
  • Simple mounting and removal, due to its low weight.
  • Improved starting, stopping and cornering performance.

Alloy Radial Chain is an excellent, yet affordable choice in winter traction.

NOTE: Chain tensioners SHOULD NOT be used on single stock numbers, but are recommended/required for super singles and dual stock numbers. Replacement cross members are available through some retailers.

Installation Video

Alloy Radial Chain

Application: Heavy duty truck

Construction: Alloy cross member

Cross Member Pattern: Ladder

Tensioners Required: See Note

Meets Class “S”: No

Type: Cable

Packaging: Cardboard box

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