Z Performance at a moderate price.

Z is designed to meet the everyday traction product needs of the average consumer. Z (Passenger) is available to fit all passenger car tire sizes.

Z offers a unique combination of performance and convenience features for every user:

  • Fastest, easiest installation of any traction product.
  • “Designed-in” rubber tensioner means there is no need to stop and retighten after installation.
  • Better all-around traction performance than conventional tire chains or cables.
  • Greater durability than conventional tire chains or cables.
  • Better compatibility with anti-lock brakes, traction control, all-wheel drive (AWD) and other electronically monitored control systems.
  • MEETS S.A.E. Class “S” clearance requirements or vehicles with limited clearance.
  • Low potential for damage to vehicle body and mechanical components, even when abused.
Chain tensioners are required and included. Extra tensioners or replacement cross members are available through some retailers.

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Application: Passenger

Construction: Alloy Cross Member

Cross member pattern: Diagonal

Tensioners required: Yes

Meets Class “S”: Yes

Type: Cable

Packaging: Plastic Box

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