Extreme winter performance for professionals.

For more than a decade Z-Chain has been the winter traction product choice for police, fire, ambulance and other professional fleets throughout North America. Z-Chain’s fast installation, aggressive traction performance and extreme durability simply out-class all other options.

But the best just keep getting better. Automotive evolution never stops and winter traction products must keep up.

What’s new:

  • Z-Chain has always met S.A.E. Class “S” requirements for passenger vehicles with limited clearance around the drive tires. Now the inner cross member connectors and side cable fastening system have been redesigned to operate in even smaller spaces!
  • Z-Chain’s rigid inside “hoop” has been replaced with a semi-rigid steel cable, making it possible to roll them up and store them in a much smaller space.
  • Z-Chain’s new fastening system requires the outside side member to be adjusted in two places, rather than the three required on the original passenger car version of Z-Chain (six on the original pick-up and SUV version). Construction and installation procedures are now the same for passenger cars, pick-up and SUVs.
  • The product line has been re-engineered to better fit the popular tires found on today’s cars and light trucks (pick-ups and SUVs). This has resulted in the addition of two new stock numbers in the light truck range, as well as many application changes in larger passenger car tires.

What’s not:

  • Z-Chain’s manganese alloy cross members still provide superior, all-around traction performance and greater durability compared to conventional traction products of any kind.
  • Z-Chain has greater compatibility with anti-lock brakes, traction control, all-wheel drive and other electronically monitored and controlled systems, due to its unique cross member pattern.
  • Fast, secure installation and removal, with no need to move the vehicle.
  • Low potential for damage to vehicle body and mechanical components, even when abused.

Z-Chain’s package includes clear, step-by-step installation and removal instruction, as well as waterproof gloves. Replacement cross members are available through some retailers.

Chain tensioners SHOULD NOT be used.

Installation Video


Application: Passenger/Light Truck

Construction: Alloy Cross Member

Cross Member Pattern: Diagonal

Tensioners Required: No

Meets Class “S”: Yes

Type: Cable

Packaging: Nylon Bag

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