Chain Slings

Peerless Chain manufactures welded and mechanical lifting chain slings using alloy steel or stainless steel. All alloy chain slings meet all ASME and OSHA requirements. Every welded chain sling is registered and documented for inspection. Mechanical chain slings available on request with similar options. All chain slings are proof tested, tagged and test cert provided. Inspection and repair service is also available. 

Peerless manufactures, repairs and recertifies welded and mechanical 9/32" through 2" chain slings.  We will make welded and mechanical chain slings with Grade 63, Grade 80 and Grade 100 chain. Normalized proof coil chain slings for acidic and pickling environments are also available upon request.  Click here to request a custom chain sling.

Peerless manufactures Lifting Chain Slings including: adjustable single leg or double leg chain slings, 2 leg, 3 leg or 4 leg chain slings and custom chain slings. Chain Slings are used in the Aerospace, Automotive, Bridge Building, Highway and Street Construction, Heavy Equipment Assembly, Factory Manufacturing, Primary Metal Manufacturing, Steel Fabrication, Military, Mining, Rail and Utilities including Power, Water, Sewer & Pipe industries.