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Deck Cargo Lashing Chain


Product Finish Trade Size in [Imperial] Wire Dia. Inside Dim. Length (Nominal) Inside Dim. Width (Min) Quantity Per Pkg. Working Load Limit lbs [Imperial] Working Load Limit kg [Metric] Weight (Lbs.)

560141301 - 1/2" Deck Lashing Chain HDG 1/2 0.531 3.150 0.930 460 9,000 4,080 1,004

8612312 - 1/2" Deck Lashing Chain HDG 1/2 0.531 3.150 0.930 1,000 9,000 4,080 2,182






Deck Cargo Lashing Chain For Sale

Deck Cargo Lashing Chain is heat-treated galvanized chain. The long chain links allow for deck chain rigging with chain lashing equipment to make the deck chain more versatile to secure cargo. Deck lashing chain is especially suited for log lashing and securing cargo on container ships. Cargo lashing chain is used to secure of deck cargoes with 4:1 Safety Factor.

CERTIFIED - to Canadian Coast Guard TP2534E Code of Safe Practice for Ships Carrying Timber Deck Cargoes.

Hallmarked USA on every link of chain and PCL every 6 links


Deck cargo chain for sale is sold in 1/2 deck lashing chain inches in packages of either 460 or 1000. Working load limit is 9,000 pounds (lbs).

Cargo Deck Lashing Chain is used in the following industries: Military, Marine and Transportation.